Gardeners’ World: Will Young reveals gardening as ‘brilliant healer’ for tackling anxiety


Back in 2019, the 42-year-old invited Joe Swift on a tour around the garden at his farmhouse in Blisland, Cornwall, where he discussed his battle with anxiety and how he got “very ill”.

Will highlighted how spending time in the outdoors, where he grew Dahlias and Irises from bulbs, along with sweet peas and vegetables, had proven an effective way to manage his anxiety.

“The process of creating something is miraculous, from a tiny seed, or a tiny cutting, you get these amazing plants,” he explained. 

“But you have to be patient, you have to nurture and maybe the act of nurturing something else maybe aids you to nurture yourself, it’s amazing how people talk about pills and counselling, which do all work, but gardening and nature is a brilliant healer, it’s just the best.”

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