Garden plants you ‘can’t kill’ – ‘best’ ones that will ‘survive for years’

Seeing outdoor die after the time gardeners have dedicated to growing them and taking care of them is just heartbreaking. Growing plants take a lot of hard work and passion and once they die it hurts. Whether they are edible or decorative, it is always sad seeing the hard work and passion devoted to them go in vain. Therefore, experts at Gardener Know How have shared several outdoor plants you can’t kill.

They explained: “These plants are tough and sturdy. They can tolerate a variety of harsh conditions including heat, wind, cold weather, drought and so on. 

“If you want to have a garden that survives for years, you should definitely opt for one of these plants to make sure that the time you spend on gardening is not a waste of time.”

Here are seven almost indestructible plants to add to your outdoor space.


Geraniums are very popular plants that are widely desired because they are very ornamental, beautiful and come in a large variety of colours. 

Cranesbill geraniums are copper-bottomed plants with bright summer flowers which will cope with the sun or shade.

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They can tolerate excessive heat and many other harsh growing conditions. They also have a very unique green colour, making them a great choice to add to gardens.


If gardeners wish to have a low-maintenance evergreen garden, then the experts suggest that they should “definitely” grow Coralbells.

They said: “They are also very useful. They are a shield against heat and cold for flowers. 

“These plants can grow in both sunny spots and shady spots. They are a perfect choice if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your garden.”


This plant is highly favoured by many gardeners as it has a fancy sweet look that makes it very decorative. 

The gardening experts said: “Many gardeners love this plant not only because it is beautiful but also because it is easy to grow and to care for. 

“It will also attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden which will make it alive.”


According to the experts, verbena is “one of the best outdoor plants that you can’t kill”.

They said: “This plant is really rough. It is one of the most drought tolerant plants on earth. 

“It can survive weeks and even months without watering.”

Besides, it is also beautiful and attractive. This adorable sturdy purple plant blooms in different colours including white, pink, and purple.

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