From ‘Mr Ibiza’ funeral shooting to loaded weapons found in garden – the gun crimes which shocked Greater Manchester


In the dark days of the 1990s Manchester earned an infamous nickname.

Gangland shootings led to the city being labelled ‘Gunchester’.

Gun crime remains a top priority for police, and criminals found in possession of deadly weapons and ammunition are regularly hauled before the courts.


Recent firearms cases have included shots being fired at a funeral, a gangster being pursued by armed police and guns being found buried in a garden.

Here are some of the recent gun cases to be heard in Manchester’s courts.

Daniel Murdoch

Murdoch was dramatically caught by police after he threw a loaded sawn-off shotgun out of his car.

He reached speeds of up to 80mph in a 30mph zone before being caught near the Trafford Centre,

Shocking footage showed him being wrestled to the ground by officers after he crashed, with stunned shoppers and motorists watching on.

During the chase had had thrown a bag out of the window containing a sawn-off shotgun and ammunition.

Another sawn-off shotgun was found at his home in a bag of children’s toys.

Murdoch, 41, said he was in debt to drug dealers, who had asked him to look after the weapons for three weeks.

Last month, Murdoch, from Reddish, was jailed for six-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to having a loaded shotgun in a public place, possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition and dangerous driving.

“The use of, possession of and trading of illegal firearms is of significant concern in every city in this country, including Manchester,” Judge Angela Nield told him.

“The possession or use of firearms underpins the most serious of offences this city sees and these courts sentence.”

Kasper Sims

A woman was walking down the street, minding her own business when something hit her.

She was terrified after looking inside the man bag, which had struck her on the leg.

It contained a gun and bullets which had been thrown out of a car by drug dealer Sims, who was being chased by police through Moss Side.

Police were chasing a Skoda Fabia driving at speed on Princess Road.

Officers tried to stop the car, which was weaving in and out of traffic and narrowly avoided a fence, but had to abort the chase due to safety concerns.

The bag was thrown out on Edith Avenue.

The woman was said to be ‘scared and shocked’ after she realised what was in it.

Last month, Sims was jailed for eight-and-a-half years.

“Anyone could have found the gun after it was thrown from the car window and who knows what tragic consequences that could have resulted in,” Detective Constable Graham Parry, of GMP’s Xcalibre Task Force said after the hearing.

Zico Reid

Zico Reid

Reid was being tracked by armed police through the streets of Rusholme.

A ‘long standing’ and ‘senior’ member of notorious street gang the Rusholme Crips, the 34-year-old had been under surveillance for weeks.

After realising police were closing in on him, Reid stashed a Walther P22 self loading pistol, with the safety catch off, in some undergrowth.

Police made their move and arrested him.

Reid’s co-defendant Ali Ismail was also jailed after a loaded Smith and Wesson Magnum was recovered from the basement of a house in Rusholme.

The gun, as well as 20 bullets, were found in an old oven.

The Walther P22 self-loading pistol found in undergrowth in an alleyway moments after Zico Reid was arrested nearby in Rusholme on August 6th 2019. There were nine cartridges in the magazine.

Sentencing, Judge Alan Conrad QC said: “The gravity of firearms offences cannot be overstated.

“Guns are used regularly to intimidate, to main and to kill.

“Such offences are even more serious when they are committed within the context of criminal gangs.

Ali Ismail

“The possession and use of firearms are prevalent in this city.”

Reid admitted possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, and in July was jailed for 12 years.

Ismail, 29, admitted possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, as well as possessing prohibited ammunition and having an article with a blade or a point and was jailed for six years and nine months.

Mohammed Umar

Mourners had gathered to pay their respects to a well known Mancunian when a gunman arrived at the cemetery.

Mohammed Umar, 24, walked into Gorton Cemetery and started firing a handgun.

Witnesses heard up to four gunshots followed by ‘screaming, shouting and people running’.

The shocking incident unfolded at the funeral of ‘Mr Ibiza’ Clive Pinnock, a well known clubland figure.

After his funeral there was an ‘impromptu wake’, with music being played with people ‘drinking and socialising’ before Umar appeared.

He produced a handgun and began to fire shots towards a group of men.

Umar was then chased out of the cemetery by the men and assaulted, after suffering serious facial injuries. No-one else was hurt.

After being arrested, Umar gave no comment to police in interview.

He claimed to be acting under ‘pressure’ but gave ‘very little’ information to police or his own legal team.

His barrister John Ryder QC said: “I can’t offer any insight into why the defendant behaved as he did beyond his own admissions.”

Mr Ryder said it was Umar’s intention was always to fire ‘into the sky’ rather than at anyone.

Umar admitted possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition, and in August was jailed for six years and three months.

Umair Zaheer and Robert Brazendale

Some of the firearms and ammunition recovered by police

A terrifying arsenal of weapons was discovered, and two guns were even found buried in a back garden.

The hacking of the encrypted EncroChat network revealed deals to buy deadly machine guns and ammunition.

Two packages were dug up in a back garden in Warrington, with police seizing a loaded Smith & Wesson pistol, a Grand Power semi-automatic pistol and ammunition.

Officers from the National Crime Agency also recovered two AK47 assault rifles, an Uzi and Skorpion sub machine guns and 300 rounds of ammunition.

Using EncroChat, Umair Zaheer sent a list of weapons for sale to another user, including an Uzi, a Skorpion and an AK47.

Robert Brazendale worked with Zaheer and acted as a courier and driver.

He used a red Citroen van for the handover of an AK47 and ammunition, in a £10,500 deal.

Brazendale was responsible for taking £37,000 in cash during a handover in a Tesco car park, as part of a deal involving a Skorpion, an Uzi and a revolver.

Zaheer, 34, from Eccles, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess firearms or ammunition with intent to endanger life

Brazendale, 34, of Selworthy Drive, Warrington, admitted conspiring to transfer prohibited weapons.

They will be sentenced in the New Year alongside five other men.

Nathaniel Morris

Nathaniel Morris

Teenager Morris was out on his bike with a loaded shotgun.

Police were patrolling on Oxford Road when they spotted him.

A member of the public had alerted them to a suspected robbery by a group of youths.

After a chase, officers arrested 19-year-old Morris after he was forced off his bike and tried to run away.

They discovered he had a shotgun cartridge in one of his jacket pockets.

Near where Morris had dumped his bike, officers also found a single barrel shotgun, which was loaded with ammunition.

At his house, police found £300 worth of drugs in a Kinder Egg capsule, including 28 snap-bags of heroin and one of cocaine.

Detective Constable Mark Graham, of GMP’s Xcalibre Task Force, said: “The fact that Morris was brazen enough to be cycling around with a loaded shotgun highlights the danger that this man was likely to pose – weapons and criminals like these can be lethal and we are determined to do all we can to prevent threats like this from roaming our streets.”

In May, Morris, from Moss Side, was jailed for six years and eight months after pleading guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to supply, and possession of cannabis.


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