From diet foods to calorie intake: A dietitian busts weight loss myths


Many people think that weight loss is a linear process that happens in the same way for everyone. But that is not true. In fact, weight loss happens differently for different people depending on their lifestyle, efforts, and several other factors. Similarly, people also tend to believe certain weight loss myths.

Dietitian Manisha took to Instagram to share a few weight loss myths that people should not give into.

“Please don’t believe in everything you read on the internet! Remember what you have gained over the years due to an unhealthy lifestyle will take time to lose,” she said.

Here’s what she said.

All calories are equal

Calorie is a measurement of energy. All calories have the same energy content. “However, this does not mean that all calorie sources have the same effects on your weight. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and can have vastly different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate your body weight. e.g. 1 cup ice cream has almost the same calories as a three-course healthy meal… We all know which one would be healthier,” she commented.

Losing weight is a linear process

Losing weight is usually not a linear process, as some people think. Some days and weeks you may lose weight, while during others you may gain a little bit because of multiple factors including muscle gain.

People with obesity are unhealthy, and thin people are healthy

Obesity is linked to several chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. However, many people with obesity are metabolically healthy, while many thin people are not because even thin people can have high fat percentage and low muscle mass making them prone to lifestyle disorders.

Diet foods can help you lose weight

“Oftentimes, products marketed as diet foods are junk foods in disguise, as they’re heavily processed and may harbour hidden ingredients. The only thing you need to give your body when you are trying to lose weight; improve health markers and create a lifestyle that is sustainable,” she said.

What’s one of the worst weight loss myths you used to believe?

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