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Found knows weight loss takes a multi-pronged approach about more than just food


Some people are blessed with brilliantly tuned, hummingbird-like metabolisms. They’re capable of eating what they want, doing minimal exercise, and seldom gaining a pound. We all know some of those people. And it’s hard not to feel jealous of them.

For the rest of us, losing weight is truly a day-to-day war. Of course, part of what makes balancing food, exercise, and our weight so difficult is the inexact science of it all. It’s the way a certain technique will help shed pounds for a while…then stop. Or the way the precise formula that worked like a charm for one has virtually no effect on another.

Then there are the diets. The low-carb, high-fat balance of Keto. Or there’s the all-around body wellness impact of a clean-eating program like Whole30. Unfortunately, where almost all of those plans ultimately fail is in not addressing the true key to weight loss: sustainable weight care is more than just your relationship with food and movement. 

That dynamic is at the heart of Found. A holistic approach to weight care, Found shifts the emphasis from short-term weight loss to crafting an individually-based plan for long-term weight care.

Rather than focusing on the scale, Found is centered around building a top-to-bottom approach to one’s overall health, one that assesses each person’s unique needs as well as their relationships to nutrition, exercise, emotional health, sleep, and more. With those factors established, Found goes about building a personalized, medically-guided journey for each user.

With their opening evaluation quiz, Found goes beyond basic diet questions to find out more about how genetics, hormones, gut health, sleep quality, and emotional health affect your weight. Armed with those answers, Found builds a three-pronged approach to weight loss that takes all of those factors into account.

It starts with a customized food and movement plan, a realistic weight loss program for each individual built in consultation between you and your dedicated board-certified doctor. 

Next, a personal health coach steps in to help get the new plan on track, offering tactics for mindful and healthy eating, exercise, sleep, stress management, and more. Those pros meet each user on their own terms and can help hold them accountable along their weight care path.

Finally, the plan also features weight health medications where appropriate, exploring the person’s health history and prescribing medication as needed to stabilize the way a body and brain communicate about food and exercise. As you’d expect, medication issues need to be handled incredibly carefully, so Found handpicks FDA-approved, safe, and clinically trusted medications that best fit each person’s lifestyle. 

Found has plenty of success stories, with members losing over 200,000 lbs in total to date. One user reported that “when I started I was 238. Now, I’m 185. It took taking the medicine, being really committed to the lifestyle, and listening to my coach and having that accountability.” 

Your own final weight loss journey with Found can start today with a trip to the Found website, answering their short assessment quiz, and deciding which Found plan would work best for you.

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