Five Key Components for Successful Weight Loss | by Melissa Eaves | Sep, 2021


Your body is 80% water.

Water is essential, it promotes skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles, helps fight the aging process, and knocks mental fatigue and dry skin. It gives you a glow.

Drink a full glass of water before each meal, this will trick your stomach, cause you to eat less, and help you towards water goals.

Do drink at least 2–3 32oz glasses of water daily. This will aid you in fat reduction, skin elasticity ( no more flabby skin fears.), and it cures bad breath.

  • Keep Record of What You Eat

Keep a journal. Keeping a journal didn’t work nearly as well for me, as having someone hold me accountable. I forced myself to list for this person everything I ate at the end of the day.

This trick really worked for me. At the end of the day, I would visulize everything I ate in one plate.

Think of that in your stomach and where its going to go.

Making yourself aware of everything you are actually eating is essential to success.

  • Always Have Salad, Add salad as side to everything.

Salads are high volume, low low low calorie, they fill your stomach and you can make them suprisingly tasty.

Try high flavor dressings, like rasberry vinegarettes. Or ranch with bacon, sun dried tomatoes and feta. And don’t pour but but drizzle it.

Use avocado for fat.

Pile it on and load it up, the more fresh vegetables the fuller you feel and the less you eat.

Make your food more aestheically pleasing, make an art on the plate, slice and arrange, take pictures.

Lunch meats are lean, lean, lean.

You will sour, grow stale and fall off the wagon, if you do not, stop to allow yourself sweetness and fats and foods you crave.

I could never imagine living without a fat cheesburger and a plate of fries, so i have them less. It is like the big tasty, all the better, because I never gettah, holiday once or twice a month.

Eat on the holidays. I make good use of holidays as motivation for yearly goals.

Buy an outfit, dress, pair of jeans, that is a size or two small, and hang it as motivation becuase once you get in that, you are not looking back.

  • Bake Foods, Don’ t Fry. Only used fried foods for reward. I have fried fish or some other high fat meal about once or twice monthly.

Reward your taste buds with seasoning and high flavors. For example, put lime on an avocado, or buy a seasonong packet and make guacomole. Or bake salmon, at the right temperature, and with lemon pepper or some other seasoning and its perfect without the saturated fats.

I know, I know, you’ve heard it.


You can literally eat 75% more meat, for the same amout of calories. Don’t use it as an excuse, however.

  • Buy smaller clothes, look at smaller clothes, keep smaller clothes in your closet. This tells your mind thats your provision and your subconscious gives youa little extra boost of hidden motivation to do better.
  • Use a Smaller plate. It tricks your mind into feeling that you’ve eaten more. I know it sounds stupid but it actually works if you let it.
  • Formulate your own plot.Talk to your family, people that support you.

Find your own tips and quirks that help you stay motivated and fit.

Experiment with workouts and what makes you happy.

Find the definitions that you want and chart specific routines, to develop specific body places.

Make it work for you.

WAIT!!!!!! DONT GO!!!!!!!!!::::::HEAR ME OUT!!!!!!!::::::::

Yep, at first you are going to hate this, so dont do it at first. But keep it in mind and begin trying new things to work towards it. Do not just start on a pumpkin paste or whole wheat wrap one day and say pleggh, I dont like it,of course you don’t like it. You are conditioned to believe that gluey fat building paste block for pasta and bread is it. IT ISN”T. You literally know nothing until you taste the complexitys and weight in wholesomeness. But first you must, build your taste slowly to accomadate healthier eating. Your taste buds will be suprisingly accomadating if you steadily and slowly ease it in on them.

Because, after you haul ass, moderate portions and lose that weight , you are going to want to keep your stunning banging make yourself hot figure, among other benefits. Benefits such as no more back pain, knee pain, fitting in the seat things. It is a whole other world as a normal (well semi normal) sized person.

All that being said, after your weight is lost, carbs are going to have to go. For the most part, because carbs are what, hangs in there, what sticks to the ribs(muffin top) and converts to fat. That means pasta. That means bread. There is a whole world of food out there that you dont know or want. But you will.

Honestly, if you cut bread and pasta first, you will probably lose a substantial amount of weight easier and quicker. but I don’t reccomend it because, you will feel too deprived, you will be overwhelmed. You will fall off the wagon, in other words. Your taste buds should be conditioned. Your old life habits should be deconstructed as new ones are built.

I reccomend that you count calories, eat normal foods, and compare caloric levels as you switch and formulate your own diet and lifestyle plan.

I do say from life experience, however. That the diet heavy in bread and pasta loses all of its appeal in lieu of the benefits of a diet with out it. I can eat all kinds of food. I can literally never be hungry, but this is the other end of weight loss.

Protien is your bestest friend in the whole world, the leaner foods you eat the more you can have.

Sugar is bad. AVOID it. Only use it as reward. Birthdays have cakes, etc. If you feel you must have sugar. Eat a 1/2 cup of ice cream before bed. Or switch to yogurt. Start with regular and graduate, condition your taste buds to make the switch to greek. There are some really delicious flavors out there now.

But is you are like I was you will want to begin changing your pallate slow. For example, frozen yogurt often has 1/3 the calories of regular ice cream.

Well this is it, I have laid out what the 5 elements of successful weight loss, which means the loss and capacity to keep it off.

Lets Recap.

  1. LOSE TOXIC PEOPLE;They are the biggest prevent in your success.
  2. CARDIOVASCULAR: Remember cardio boosts metabolism overall and burns fat.As well, as being good for your heart.
  3. STRENGTH TRAINING: More muscle means more calories burned which means more weight loss, and better definition. It is also the secondary element in firming that skin and pulling it into place. The first element being water.
  4. TIPS AND TRICKS: This is my basic structure for changing my life and losing weight. This is how I did it,and what still works. in a condensed and hopefully doable format. Remember, however to do research on your own and find what works for you, thereby formulating guidelines that work for you as an individual.
  5. KETO diet/CARBS ARE MOSTLY BAD. WHAT YOU EAT MATTERS. In white flour products such as bread and pasta are found the building blocks of fat. Sugar is also such a building block, not to mention your energy levels.

If you utilize these things you will be a very happy and thin person, which means all sort of positives. Longevity being one of them.

Don’t get discouraged. YOU will on average lose only 1–5 lbs a week, this is healthy, and this is what keeps your skin, tight and sets you up for a healthier life.

It is worth it. I haven’t included caloric levels or anything in this plan, because I am sure by now anyone can easily obtain said information if one so chooses.


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