Fieldwork Brewing’s next beer garden location? A retro San Leandro site


OK, longtime residents of San Leandro, think back to the 1960s-vintage Firestone auto service center on East 14th Street.

Now imagine it filled with beer instead of tires.

Berkeley-based Fieldwork Brewing announced that it has embarked on a major remodeling there to transform the property into its next beer garden and taproom.

This will be the eighth location for the craft brewer, after Berkeley, San Mateo, San Ramon, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento and Corte Madera — and its largest venue ever, at 7,800 square feet.

The 5,000-square-foot beer garden — with a 75-year-old olive tree as the focal point —  will offer lounge areas with fire pits, bench seating, a standing bar area, bicycle parking spaces and a dedicated children’s spot.


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