Family in ‘disbelief’ after spotting 4ft ‘crocodile’ in neighbour’s garden


Sarah Jayne Ellis took a photo of the ‘crocodile’ in her neighbour’s garden, in Yorkshire, just before she went to sleep following her night shift. Several hours later the beast had gone

Family stunned as huge 4-foot crocodile spotted on the loose in garden
Family stunned as huge 4-foot crocodile spotted on the loose in garden

A family in Yorkshire have spoken of their disbelief after spotting what they think is a crocodile in their neighbour’s garden.

The sighting of the ‘Castleford Croc’ is just the latest in a number of reports of a scaly beast seen around the area.

Sarah Jayne Ellis took a photo of the supposed creature in a garden just off Savile Road, not far from the River Aire.

She thinks the animal was about 3 or 4ft long and “looked real”.

She told YorkshireLive : “I thought ‘that’s a crocodile’.”

Sarah, who works as a nurse, didn’t get a chance to investigate further as she’d just done a night shift and needed to sleep.

She says that it didn’t move when she saw it but several hours later it had gone.

“I was shutting the blinds in the bedroom when I saw it on the grass. I looked a couple of hours later and it was gone.”

Sarah showed the photo to her sister-in-law Kate Ellis Holmes, a deputy headteacher from Huddersfield, who said family members were shocked.

The mysterious sightings have seen the supposed reptile be dubbed the ‘Castleford Croc’


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Kate said: “I was just genuinely in disbelief when she was telling the story. When I saw the picture I was in disbelief.

“I thought it was bizarre and a really interesting story.”

She added: “It definitely looks like a crocodile.”

Sarah thinks the possible existence of a croc in Castleford needs to be investigated, particularly following a similar sighting last year.

In May last year, Yorkshire wildlife snapper Lee Collings was shocked to stumble across a crocodile or a caiman on a visit to the Fairburn Ings nature reserve.

Sadly the professional snapper was unable to get a picture of the toothy reptile before it scuttled away after just a few seconds.

He told YorkshireLive he was on a family walk and not out equipped for his normal photography work, hence why he was unable to prove the sighting.

Lee says he was ridiculed about his claim, with a man dubbing it the “Cass-ness monster”.

But later more people came forward claiming to have seen something at another nearby lake.

One took a video of what they believe is a crocodile submerged in the water at St Aidan’s nature reserve at Swillington near Leeds, only a few miles away.

Lee said he had now heard someone had dumped a caiman – a smaller reptile from the crocodile species – which looked more like what he thought he had seen.

Last year Lee said: “I am 46 years old and have been a birdwatcher for over 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this, other than a crocodile or alligator.

“It walked like it was rigid. It moved slow, but too fast to photograph it by the time I realised what I thought it was.

“It was 3ft to 4ft in length and about 4ins to 5ins high.”


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