Everton: ‘Classy’ or ‘meh’? – your views on new home shirt


We have been collecting your views on the new Everton home kit, as modelled above by James Tarkowski.

Here are some of your views:

Stephen: It’s alright but I wouldn’t buy it. I prefer the old retro shirts. They change them too often for me.

Rob: Looks great apart from the betting sponsor.

Lifelong Toffee: The design of the new kit is fine, but what I hate is both the sponsor and their dreadful logo. It must have taken all of five minutes on Microsoft Word to come up with that.

Andy: I can sum up the new kit in one word – meh!

Peter: I like it – it’s simple but classy.

Anon: 1/10 with the sponsor’s name. 7/10 without the sponsor’s name. For the first time ever, I will not be buying an Everton jersey.


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