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Drunk Whitley Bay tenant caused flood in his rented home by pulling radiator off wall

December 27, 2021


A drunk tenant caused a flood in his rented home by pulling a radiator from a wall.

Wayne Fairley also ripped a sink from another wall, kicked a fire door of its hinges, pulled a toilet seat off and damaged a fire extinguisher and vacuum during a boozed-up outburst.

A court heard that the 36-year-old, who has a previous conviction for damaging the same property, had lost his temper after reminiscing with another resident about a deceased pal.

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In total, Fairley caused £400-worth of damage but he has been told he won’t be getting kicked out of his home on North Parade, in Whitley Bay.

Instead, he must pay compensation after he instructed his solicitor to plead guilty in his absence to criminal damage at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor, Sue Baker, said Fairley was living in accommodation owned by The Tyne Housing Group at the time of the offence on December 7 this year.

She added: “Under the influence of alcohol, the defendant has caused a minor flood having pulled a radiator off the wall.

“He also ripped a toilet seat off, kicked a fire door off its hinges and pulled a sink from a wall.”

The court heard that Fairley had 65 offences on his record, including one for causing damage at the same premises from September this year.

Mark Harrison, defending, said Fairley had been talking to another resident about his deceased friend when he became upset.

“He continued to drink to excess,” Mr Harrison continued. “This was loss of control when upset and significantly the worse for wear from alcohol.

“It’s self-destructive behaviour in many ways because it was his own accommodation he was damaging.”

Fairley was ordered to pay £400 compensation to The Tyne Housing Group.

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