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Dress up in a DIY Halloween costume as Otis Milburn from Sex Education


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We are only a few weeks away from Halloween, which means we can start planning to dress up as our favorite characters from Netflix shows. Recently Sex Education returned to the streaming platform with its third season taking audiences on a wild ride through the dramas occurring at Moordale Secondary School. So if you wish you were a teenage sex therapist like Otis Milburn, then try dressing up as him this Halloween in a DIY costume with this perfect jacket that is just like his on the show.

Otis, played by Asa Butterfield, is known for wearing his iconic tan, red, and blue block bomber jacket. It even becomes a point of contention in the latest season with his new girlfriend (no spoilers here). Though it might not be the best item of clothing to feel chic, it is a true staple in the Milburn household, so incorporating it into your DIY Halloween costume is a must.

Discover Spazeup's 'Sex Education' Otis Milburn jacket on Amazon.

Discover Spazeup’s ‘Sex Education’ Otis Milburn jacket on Amazon.

This version of the jacket costs $60 and looks almost like an exact replica of the one from the show. It’s available in sizes ranging from XX-small to 3X-large and features the snap buttons, the tri-color blocking pattern, and elastic at the wrists so that you won’t get cold. There are pockets in the front for your hands and inner pockets in the viscose lining to hold a wallet or whatever you might need. Complete the look with this striped T-shirt, corduroy pants, and a bike, but don’t forget the helmet.

Make sure to check out this jacket on Amazon and order it before the spooky season approaches. If you can’t wait for the potential fourth season and want more Sex Education stories, find out more info about the show’s two new books that have just been released.

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