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Dress up as your favorite Friends character with these DIY Halloween costumes


We’re midway through October and that means spooky season is in full swing and fans of Halloween are starting to prep their costumes. This month is all about horror movies and ghoulish fun, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t fit Friends into the mix.

The beloved NBC sitcom is forever a classic and so it’s a no-brainer that fans of the series love dressing up as their favorite characters to go out trick-or-treating. Below, you’ll find a list of items you can buy to dress up as the main characters of Friends in DIY style so the costume won’t break the bank!

Rachel Green costume

Even if you’re not a diehard fan of Friends, you’ll know that Rachel Green is a style icon. She has so many great looks throughout the seasons, it’s hard to choose just one to wear! We’ve gone with her classic ’90s white turtleneck and plaid miniskirt combo which is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party — or any party at all!

Herou Women Long Sleeve Crop Top Turtleneck

Herou Women Long Sleeve Crop Top Turtleneck / Amazon

Herou Women Long Sleeve Crop Top Turtleneck / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: Herou Women Long Sleeve Crop Top Turtleneck

WDIRARA Women’s Plaid Skirt

WDIRARA Women's Plaid Skirt / Amazon

WDIRARA Women’s Plaid Skirt / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: WDIRARA Women’s Plaid Skirt

Monica Geller costume

Rachel Green gets most of the style credit, but Monica Geller is a huge fashionista herself! Her looks are the epitome of the 1990s and they are so easy to replicate. This brunette beauty keeps things simple and that’s what we’ve chosen to do as well. You can see her classic red tank top and ripped jeans combo below.

SheIn Women’s Cami Crop Top

SheIn Women's Cami Crop Top / Amazon

SheIn Women’s Cami Crop Top / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: SheIn Women’s Cami Crop Top

MASZONE Y2K Fashion Jeans

MASZONE Y2K Fashion Jeans / Amazon

MASZONE Y2K Fashion Jeans / Amazon


Phoebe Buffay costume

Phoebe Buffay is one of the most unique dressers on Friends, as her bohemian fashion sense matches her eclectic personality! This fun character dresses in a lot of paisley and warm cardigans, so we’ve used a bit of both for our Halloween inspo below.

Luckco Women’s T-Shirt Dress

Luckco Women's T-Shirt Dress / Amazon

Luckco Women’s T-Shirt Dress / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: Luckco Women’s T-Shirt Dress

Avilego Women’s Fuzzy Cardigan

Avilego Women's Fuzzy Cardigan / Amazon

Avilego Women’s Fuzzy Cardigan / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: Avilego Women’s Fuzzy Cardigan

Ross Geller costume

As fans of Friends know, Ross Geller isn’t too much of a risk-taker and his clothing choice certainly reflects that. But that’s not to say he doesn’t look great! Ross keeps a classic ’90s style throughout the show and even though they might be safe choices, they’re still staples to anyone’s wardrobe. Below we have a nice button-down shirt and jean jacket look that you can definitely wear after Halloween too!

Wrangler Men’s Classic Woven Shirt

Wrangler Men's Classic Woven Shirt / Amazon

Wrangler Men’s Classic Woven Shirt / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: Wrangler Men’s Classic Woven Shirt

Hotmiss Men’s Denim Jacket

Hotmiss Men's Denim Jacket / Amazon

Hotmiss Men’s Denim Jacket / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: Hotmiss Men’s Denim Jacket

Joey Tribbiani costume

We all know Joey Tribbiani loves his New York sports teams, and he is always happy to rep them on his shirts, sweaters, and jerseys. He adores the Knicks and below we’ve found a retro-ish sweatshirt that will quickly turn you into the fun character with just one item of clothing.

NBA Men’s OTS Fleece Crew

NBA Men's OTS Fleece Crew / Amazon

NBA Men’s OTS Fleece Crew / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: NBA Men’s OTS Fleece Crew

Chandler Bing costume

Chandler Bing is definitely the riskier dresser out of the men in the group, and we absolutely love all of his trendy looks! He’s another style icon on Friends and that’s Why so many fans still have a crush on him. We’ve picked out a sweater vest and button-down combo that reflects one of Chandler’s best looks down below.

Mini Phoebee Men’s Sweater Vest

Mini Phoebee Men's Sweater Vest / Amazon

Mini Phoebee Men’s Sweater Vest / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: Mini Phoebee Men’s Sweater Vest

MUSE FATH Men’s Oxford Dress Shirt

MUSE FATH Men's Oxford Dress Shirt / Amazon

MUSE FATH Men’s Oxford Dress Shirt / Amazon

BUY IT HERE: MUSE FATH Men’s Oxford Dress Shirt

Who will you be dressing up as for Halloween? We can’t wait to see all the Friends costumes out and about!

All 10 seasons of Friends are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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