DO NOT BE A PUSHOVER. A pushover is a person who is easily… | by Chinelo Chukwu | Aug, 2022

A pushover is a person who is easily influenced and overcome by others.

You know that feeling, where you want to please everybody, making yourself likable even at the expense of changing your personality.

Well, that’s self-deceit at work. Everyone isn’t gonna like you, they’ll sooner use and dump you than like you.

Nobody likes a pushover my dear, take it or leave it. No one worth their salt will like to identify with a pushover, someone with no strong sense of character.

You may think, but I want to be liked.

You may be liked but not valued.

People like who they can control but respect and value who they can’t.

You’re like a puppy who’s loyal to its master with no mind of its own.

It’s a sign of self-respect when you know your mind and stick to your choices and decisions.

You’re doing yourself a disservice when you let people walk all over you.

“It’s easy to think that people will like you more if you do whatever they tell you to do, but it’s quite the opposite, people don’t appreciate pushovers they use them — Osayi Oscar Emokpae.

Pushovers are timid, timidity is unattractive. If you want to be taken seriously and not taken for granted, grow some backbone or spine.

Don’t always be the one keeping the peace and getting your choice and decisions stumped over because they know you won’t mind.

If they aren’t making the effort to meet you halfway, say to hell with them and move on with your life. You’re worth more to accept crumbs from anyone.

Trying to please everyone is a recipe for stress, misery, and frustration. Life’s too short to be catering to people.

Don’t be everyone’s go-to person for all errands and favors. Decline when it’s not convenient. Don’t over-explain, don’t lie or make excuses, just say NO.

A person without much power is easily influenced by others, whether they are physical or non-physical beings. Their life is easily ruined. They are blown around like a leaf in the wind — Frederick Lenz.

Refuse to be weak-willed, don’t let anybody break your will. Choose to stand up for yourself.

What’s your pushover experience and how were you able to break from that mold? Let me know in the comments section.

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