DIY Slider Bed Works Great For Campers and Van Conversions, Is Affordable and Lightweight


Fitting a bed in an RV is oftentimes a challenging task, with limited space being the most common issue. But this guy found a way around that, managing to build himself a slide out queen-size bed, with an affordable, DIY method that can be used by anyone up for the job.
Tim Busch boasts of his bed being not only spacious (even better than a queen-size bed) but also lightweight, as not adding too much weight to the RV was a top priority for him.

The way he achieved both of the above was by using thin wall PVC and EMT conduit, 3/4 EMT slides into 1” PVC, to be more precise. It was a project he started last year and this right here is his third version. His other two attempts involved wooden slides, 2 x 4, and plywood, but they were way too heavy to be worth it. Also, in addition to the weight factor, the wooden slides were difficult to pull out and slide back in.

Finally, he settled for EMT conduit and Maker Pipe, with the manufacturing company describing the latter as a system of steel pipe connectors that turns ordinary EMT conduit into an affordable building platform with endless possibilities. For his particular setup, Tim had to have the mattresses custom-made. One of them measures 46×66 in (116×167 cm) and the other one is 28×66 in (71×167 cm).

The slider bed has already been tested by its builder 10 times so far and it proves to be fully reliable and functional.

Busch claims his DIY slider bed is the best upgrade to any RV or camper he’s ever done so far and is suitable for pretty much any camper, van conversion, and so on. This system allows you to customize the bed to your particular space and needs.

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