Denied By The Medium Partner Program | by Ace Tully | Jul, 2022


I am American but still was denied.

This will be a brief article. However, there will be some deep topics that will spiral off this one article. Such as imaginary lines that divide us and the ability to great structures for us minions to play in.

Writing on the medium was never primarily about money. Good thing because apparently, I don’t qualify for the partnership program. What makes matters worse is that I am fighting to get into something that is going to get me $0.67 a month? Yeah, no thanks.

Writing for me is an outlet. Writing lets me flush out ideas and unfortunately it isn’t a $$$$$ valuable skill in 2022. Of course, if you are the best of the best then it is extremely valuable in economic terms. I am still waiting for my 일취월장 moment. For the time being, I need more output.

Produce Produce Produce.

Create Create Create.

As a close friend told me today, face it head-on.

For the past six years, I have mostly been in isolation. I have been building the foundation of my values, work ethic, and life vision.

It is time to face things head-on.


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