Day 4: Performing or Learning?. My 300-day Heroic Journey | by Marcus Thee Writer | Writing the Journey | Sep, 2022


My 300-day Heroic Journey

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Ok, this is a super quick day four entry with a low bar win. The win today is just publishing.

I did want to talk about something that freed me a bit in writing. Because I’m rushing I can’t really get into the exact study, ie who did it and the book etc, but the results of the research is what’s interesting.

Basically it was about how we see our intelligence. It’s either fixed or incremental. If fixed, you’re aware of that mindset/limitation and do things to avoid revealing what you don’t know/looking stupid. On the other hand, if you have an incremental mindset you see things more as learning experiences, thus it’s less about winning or failing but more about learning and getting better.

There’s a link in the study between limited mindset linking to a focus on performance and being judged, while incremental is more of a learning mindset so you’re not judging yourself on the final result. I’m butchering and rushing through this. Sorry.

What’s profound for me is that I recognize this in my writing. I mentioned yesterday that I my fingers won’t work if I think about submitting what I’m writing to be critiqued or judged. That’s the key word right there: JUDGED.

But what I’d already found was that when I’d make a game of it, I could actually get the words out. Using the “I’m excited” principle, for example. Other times I do Pomodoro sessions. In those sessions I feel I’m trying to beat the clock and seeing how many words I can get in a session. The short of it is that I don’t feel judged and keep myself out of performance mode.

This aligned perfectly with a lesson from the Bhagavagita about not focusing on the outcome. This is something I’ve really struggled with. More on this another time.

Anyhow, keeping it very short. Great day 4. Loving all of the moments of illumination.

Until tomorrow…



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