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Crying girl, 8, left too scared to play outside in her garden

September 28, 2021


A little girl is now too scared to play in her garden after an exploding firework left her in tears.

Mum Lynsey Higgs, 34, told the ECHO : “I don’t think she’d want to go outside, because she was crying. She was saying, ‘I’m scared’.”

Lynsey was eating tea with her eight-year-old daughter and her partner in the living room of her Norris Green home shortly after 6pm on Monday, September 28.

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As Lynsey carried plates into the kitchen, she saw a firework fly over from the neighbouring ‘Ralla’, or Liverpool Loop Line cycle-way.

She jumped at the bang as if someone had scared her.

Lynsey told the ECHO : “It hit the wall next to my patio doors and just exploded in my back garden.

“My daughter came running out, and my partner, to see what was happening. And my daughter started crying.

“She was scared. She could’ve been out there in the back garden with her mates. Because she always plays in the back.”

Lynsey added: “Most of my neighbours have got kids or pets. Any of them could have been injured.”

She suspects kids hanging around the Loop Line, hidden by high trees and bushes, are responsible.

Lynsey and her partner said she was unable to report the incident as she couldn’t see anyone to describe them to police.

She told the ECHO : “Because we don’t know who it is. We can’t see them.”

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