Convicted Wearside sex offender deleted mobile phone history ahead of home visit by police


A convicted Wearside sex offender deliberately deleted his mobile phone’s history against the express orders of a court.

Jonathon Low, 51, got rid of evidence of all internet sites he had visited ahead of police coming to his home on Friday, April 23.

Low, of Front Street West, Penshaw, told them he had done so because his device was old and he needed more space.

His non-compliance of a sexual harm prevention order means officers are still in the dark about his phone’s contents.

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But that may soon change, magistrates in South Tyneside heard.

It is now being forensically examined to find out what he had been viewing.

Low will be sentenced for the breach at Newcastle Crown Court after magistrates decided their powers of punishment were insufficient.

They heard Low was given a suspended jail term at the crown court last year for downloading sickening child porn images.

Prosecutor Paul Doney said Low was handed the sexual harm prevention order as part of his sentence.

Mr Doney added: “The order has a number of prohibitions. He can use a device as long as he doesn’t delete the history.

“At 10.45am officers visited his home and requested that he hands over his phone for examination.

“A check of the history was done and no history could be recovered.

“The defendant was asked if he had deleted, and he confirmed that he had.

“He said that he did so because it was an old phone, and he was trying to make more space.

“He said that he had looked at porn on Twitter but denied that any images were children.”

Grex Flaxen, defending, told magistrates: “You simply don’t have the power to deal with this.

“The phone is currently being examined which may confirm that my client hasn’t looked at any sites which he shouldn’t, or it may not. He shouldn’t have deleted his history.”

Low pleaded guilty to breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

In November last year, he was jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years, for making indecent photos of children.

He was granted unconditional bail to be sentenced at the crown court on Monday, November 1.

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