Cleaning expert shares how to clean keys, garden tools and toys in your dishwasher


Dishwashers aren’t just for cleaning crockery, pots and pans but a variety of other items too. If you’re struggling to clean certain items, your dishwasher – which offers both heat, water and steam – could offer the perfect solution. Laundry expert and the CEO of Laundryheap, Deyan Dimitrov, claims Britons can wash their keys, kids’ toys and even garden tools in dishwashers.

While these items may not sound like they need cleaning, they can actually harbour bacteria.

Deyan also shared a handy cleaning solution for your dishwasher.

To remove unwanted smells and break down bacteria, you can add one part bicarbonate of soda and two parts white vinegar to anywhere inside your dishwasher.

You can buy 500g of bicarbonate of soda for £1 and white vinegar for 79p from Savers.

Here’s how you can wash keys, garden tools and children’s tools in the dishwasher.

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Garden tools

Garden tools, especially if they’re kept outside in the garden, can be teeming with bacteria.

Compost and garden soil can sometimes contain animal faeces and other unpleasant matter.

Deyan said: “If you’ve been tending to your garden this summer and have an army of trowels, mini rakes and spades at your disposal, they’ll definitely be dirty.”

However, you may not be able to wash your garden tools if they have wooden handles.

If they are protected with rubber, plastic or ceramic, they will be dishwasher safe.

Pop them into your silverware compartment, if they fit, and wash with your usual tablets or soap.

“They’ll come out sparkling,” Deyan added.

Kids’ toys

Children’s toys can collect bacteria, especially if they are regularly left on the floor.

The laundry expert said even if you clean your floors regularly, toys can still collect germs.

Deyan suggested cleaning your children’s toys every week at least.

He continued “But if you have a toddler that isn’t afraid to put them in their mouth, you should be washing them every one to two days, to make sure that your child isn’t introduced to any unhealthy bacteria.

“For any plastic or rubber toys, throw them into your dishwasher with that trusty homemade cleaning solution and run your usual hot cycle.

“To make sure that they’re dried properly, you could even add on a steam clean if you have this setting!”


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