Clacton: Firefighters rescue two dogs from home after hob catches alight


Firefighters from Clacton Fire Station rescued two dogs from a bungalow fire after a hob caught fire while the residents were out.

Crews were called to Thorpe Road in Clacton just before 10pm last night when the neighbours heard the smoke alarms going off and called the Fire Service.

Another neighbour also called in when they spotted flames coming from the rear of the bungalow.

On arrival, crews reported that the kitchen was heavily smoke logged and the hob had caused a fire after being accidentally switched on.

The fire had spread across the kitchen and crews worked quickly to extinguish it by 10:24pm.

Two greyhounds were rescued from the bungalow by firefighters. Both dogs were unharmed.

Watch Manager Craig Todd from Clacton Fire Station said; “Crews worked really quickly and efficiently to bring the fire under control and to prevent fire damage.

“Working smoke alarms alerted neighbours to this fire, which obviously saved the house from burning down and saved the lives of the two dogs inside. We’d like to thank and praise the quick thinking neighbours who called us.

“We’d like to remind everyone to make sure you have working smoke alarms on every level of your home and that you regularly test and inspect them. Not only will they alert you to a fire when you are at home but they can alert your neighbours and passers by when you are not home.

“If you or someone you know doesn’t have working smoke alarms at home, please get in touch with our home fire safety team for advice. You can get in touch online at or by calling 0300 303 0088.”


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