Choose According To Your Fitness Levels, Here’s How


Advanced Vs Beginner HIIT Exercises: Choose According To Your Fitness Levels, Here's How

Weight loss: You can switch between advanced and beginner level of exercises, says expert


  • Exercise at home to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight
  • Perform a low intensity workout when you are experiencing sore muscle
  • The advanced version can help you burn huge number of calories

It is important to exercise every day, and with great exercise, comes the willpower to push ourselves to do better and stretch the limits. While fitness trainer Kayla Itsines focuses on the need to push the boundaries, she also emphasises that one should know the technique, balance and strength. In an Instagram reel, she showed how you can modify the HIIT exercises for both advanced and beginner stages, in order to take it easy. Sometimes the body gets sore and injured due to high-intensity workouts, and that’s why it’s important to keep shifting from the advanced to the beginner version of the routines to let the body breathe and heal.

Beginner Vs Advanced versions: Try these HIIT routine

If you are a beginner, try the following exercises to get set a pace for a high intensity workout. You can also try these on days when you feel tried or want to take it easy.

The exercise routine includes:

Modified burpees

Knee push-ups


Static lunges

Standing X Crunches

Watch the video of both the versions here-

Now, let’s look at the high intensity exercises that can help you burn that fat. Here’s the routine-



Jump squat

Jump lunge

Ab bikes

“It’s also absolutely fine to be doing an advanced version one week, and a beginner alternative the next. Sometimes our bodies are sore, injured or recovering and we need to SLOW it down and take it EASY… which I’ll admit, I’m personally NOT great at haha,” she mentions in her post.

The fitness trainer keeps sharing snippets from her workout diaries on Instagram. A few days back, Kayla shared a video with a focus on HIIT exercises for core and abs that can be done at home with minimal equipment. The exercise routine included:

Circuit 1:

Rocking Chair Push-Up (12 reps)

Skipping (30 seconds)

Circuit 2:

Commando (12 reps)

Mountain Climber (30 seconds)

Circuit 3:

Curl and Press (15 reps)

Bicep Curl (15 reps)

Tricep Extension (15 reps)

So, are you going to try Kayla’s Advanced versus Beginning training routine?

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