Chelsea Flower Show: Behind the scenes of award winning sanctuary garden ‘The Parsley Box’


The inspiration for The Parsley Box

As a first time Chelsea Flower Show designer, Alan’s design has made a big impact on its audience, beyond the physical display.

Created as a place to relax, dine and entertain friends, this sanctuary garden is inspired by the concept of ageing and aims to challenge the stereotypes behind gardening.

Alan told “It is high time people started to look at their gardens as places to do what is right for them.
“It is personal and not about people judging what you do. It is a space for you and it is about having a go!

“There is a lot of elitism in garden design and I want to encourage people to put their fears to one side and simply give it a go.”

The combination of vegetables and perennials challenges the ‘elitism’ of gardening, adding that most elite designers wouldn’t dream of combining the two.


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