Cheeky squirrels pose for adorable photographs ‘driving car’ and ‘shopping’ in Scots garden


A pair of cheeky squirrels have been delighting people online after they were spotted posing happily for pictures in a Scottish garden.

The adorable pair have been visiting a garden in Glasgow and over the past few years, the owner has grown close to them and has been able to capture some incredible photos.

The most recent one, which quickly went viral after it was posted on Facebook, shows the little grey cheekily “driving” a car as it poses in the front seat holding the steering wheel.

In another, the other squirrel can be seen happily posing with a miniature shopping trolley filled with nuts.

The tailless squirrel - which the owner has dubbed 'Trouble' - poses with a wee trolley
The tailless squirrel – which the owner has dubbed ‘Trouble’ – poses with a wee trolley

The garden’s owner, who didn’t want to be named, stated that grey squirrels sadly get a bad rap, with people referring to them as vermin, and hopes that her pictures will help to change their minds a little.

She explained that as both a nature lover and an amateur photographer she delights in getting up close and personal with her visitors and creating a special bond with the inquisitive little animals, particularly the little male with the tail, who she has amusingly dubbed ‘Scrapey’.

The little grey gets a wee boop to the nose
The little grey gets a wee boop to the nose

She said: “He’s been visiting the garden for a couple of years now.

“I like a wee bit of photography, and I like nature, so for a bit of fun, I give him a wee nut, and in return, I get a fun photo from him.

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“Over time, he’s started to come and sit on my lap if I’m sitting in the garden. If I’m indoors and not giving him any attention, he scrapes on the door until I open it.”

The cheeky little grey grapples with an Irn-Bru bottle
The cheeky little grey grapples with an Irn-Bru bottle

Explaining how she gets such unique shots of her little visitors, the keen squirrel photographer added: “I quite often put little props in the garden. I get a photo, he gets a nut and a little friendly ‘bop on the nose.’”

The garden owner also joked that a second squirrel – a little grey without a tail – has since joined in and is also happy to pose, though is a little more demanding when it comes to treats.

She said: “The wee one without a tail thinks he’s the boss of the garden. I call him ‘Trouble’ – as in, ‘Oh oh, here comes Trouble!’”.

The tailless squirrel has been dubbed 'Trouble'
The tailless squirrel has been dubbed ‘Trouble’

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Regularly posting the results on Facebook, she explained that it usually amuses her friends online with many people flocking to comment on the adorable photos.

Posting on her most recent photo, a few added that they now want their own pet squirrel with one person quipping: “This pic is driving me nuts…”

While another joked: “‘Sorry officer, I left my license in the tree!'”

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