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Car crashes into Derry garden as Duffy calls for more safety measures at Lenamore Road

December 1, 2021


A car has crashed into the garden of a local resident on Lenamore Road.

No one was seriously injured as a result of the accident but this is the second incident of its kind in only a few years.

Sinn Féin Councillor, Sandra Duffy, has called for more safety measures on the road. 

Councillor Duffy said: “Sadly, we have witnessed yet another accident on the Lenamore Road.

“In past few years, it’s actually the second time a car has left the road at this junction and landed in the garden of a local home.

“This road has been highlighted time and time again as a danger for motorists and pedestrians due to the speed and volume of traffic using it.

“The Department for Infrastructure recently carried out a road traffic survey in the area upon my request.

“I have now gone back to them asking for the results, requesting the installation of traffic calming measures and asking for a crash barrier at this junction before someone is seriously injured.”

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