Bully:. Bully is very common among children. In… | by Aimen Jamshaid | Sep, 2021


Aimen Jamshaid

Bully is very common among children. In bully, teens look for weaker students to harm them and make them get hurt. The one who does looks like to be a good class fellow but deep down he forces the victim to do his work, snatch his money and beat him, and make fun of him. Bullies are usually bigger, have more power, and are popular in school. A bully can affect the victim physically or mentally.

In Bully, the victim has to face various consequences. He became mentally unstable. Fear of being beaten up got stuck in his mind which increases the level of stress and anxiety. This suppresses his ability to do work. His talent got vanished, and because of this teacher gave him less attention which makes him dull and dumb.

Reasons why teens bully others:

  • For the sake of entertainment and fun, they bully others. When they get bored they make fun of others to come out of boredom.
  • Those who are more powerful than others bully weaker students to show their power.
  • Sometimes students who are popular bully unpopular students and make rumors and gossip about them.
  • Some students bully others because of the environment in which they are living like abusive behavior of family force them to behave like this.

How to control bully:

  • Teachers should pay equal attention to students. When teachers ignore some of the students this will lead to bully.
  • Lack of attention at home is the cause of bully. This is harmful to bullies and victims too. When a bully did not get full attention at home he became a bad person and targets other students. And when the victim is not provided with complete attention he is unable to tell the behavior of the bully at home.
  • Not only children but adults in college and university are suffering from the bully. We need to educate people and tell them that everyone is equal and deserves good behavior.
  • Spreading love and friendship hand can help to stop a bully.
  • Listen to the bully, try to get what’s going on in their mind. Be polite with them because deep down they are suffering too but not expressing themselves.


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