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Boost Hair Growth With The Benefits Of These 5 DIY Hair Oil Concoctions


Getting Rapunzel-like strands is no easy business. To make that possible, we all love to stack our shelves with beauty products to get the job done. Many have become aware of the repercussions of the fast lifestyle and unhealthy habits on their hair and overall health. According to Ayurveda, a simple secret to hair health is regular oil massage. As your hair requires nourishment to help hydrate, strengthen and enhance your texture, effective hair oils play a major part in increased hair growth. The search for a hair oil that suits your hair type and favours for healthy growth is real. Read on as we put together a list of our favourite secret DIY hair growth oil recipes that will help strengthen your hair and boost hair growth.

Swirlster Picks Hair Oils For Hair Growth

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Must-Try DIY Hair Oils For Hair Growth

1. Amla + Coconut Hair Oil

Amla and coconut oil has always been used as a secret to long and beautiful hair. Amla is highly enriched with Vit C and helps to nourish your hair for a long time. Cut and dry two amla fruits for at least an hour. Add 5tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil to the dried pieces and boil the mixture till it bubbles. On cooling pour it into a bottle and store it away from the sun for 1 week before using it.

2. Aloe Vera + Coconut Hair Oil

Known for its plenty of benefits aloe vera hair oil is great for treating hair fall, dandruff and dry scalp. Take one whole aloe vera leaf and cut it into two pieces before taking out the gel. Mix the gel with coconut oil in equal halves. Put it into a pan and heat it mildly for about 5-6mins and cool it down. Once cooled, transfer to a bottle and store in a dark place for 2 weeks before using it.


3. Neem + Almond Hair Oil

Neem is an ingredient that is filled with antioxidants and is great for treating dandruff. It is also a storehouse for fatty acids and is anti-inflammatory in nature. Dry some neem leaves and boil it along with 100ml of almond oil. Cool it off before transferring it into a bottle. Store the bottle for a week before using it. You can also filter the oil before using it.

4. Onion+ Lavender Hair Oil

Useful for treating many hair issues, onions are a popular remedy for hair fall. On combing with lavender, the effectiveness of this oil is enriched with antibacterial and cleansing properties. This also helps activate hair growth. Extract some onion juice and mix it with equal parts of coconut oil. Mildly heat the mixture for a few minutes and pour it into a container. Add few drops of lavender oil then mix after transferring it.


5. Camphor + Castor + Olive Hair Oil

Camphor is an extremely beneficial ingredient for both skin and hair ailments. Mix equal parts of camphor oil, castor oil and olive oil for hair growth and massage it onto your roots and hair. Heat this hair growth oil before use, so that it effectively penetrates the scalp.

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