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Books You Should Give A Try. I have not been in touch with books for… | by Skylar Kzt | Oct, 2021


Skylar Kzt

I have not been in touch with books for quite some time. Now I am on my way to building this habit again (with practical pieces of advice from the book Atomic Habits!)

I finished reading 2 books recently and they’re so good that I just want to share what I think and have learned from them.

  1. No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

My COO suggested I read this book and it was definitely a worthy one. It is a story of how Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, created a company that flipped the status quo. Instead of creating more rules as Netflix grew in popularity, Hastings built Netflix to become a different type of workplace, which promotes flexibility, employee freedom, and innovation. I have learned many insights on better manage and upscale the team, the work culture, and the organization.

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book taught me how to form good habits, break bad ones and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable habits. It contains practical tools and strategies we can use to transform our habits. It helped reshape the way I think about progress and success.

  1. Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

This book delves into the psychology behind our financial weaknesses. I learned how to have a better relationship with money and to make smarter financial decisions. Unlike other books in this genre, which are usually technical and hard for beginners to understand, the book has been written using simple words. An eye-opening book.

There’s one common concept in all books. It’s the “Compounding Effect”. Housel suggested successful investing is not always making the highest one-off returns. It’s about making good returns that you can stick around for a long time and letting the asset compound. $81.5B of Warren Buffet’s $84.5B net worth came after his 65th birthday. The effect of compounding can lead to extraordinary results and is so wild that our minds cannot handle such absurdity. And habits are the compound interest of self-improvements. Clear says that even the smallest improvements build on one another until they add up to something more. If you can get 1% better each day for 1 year, you will end up 37 times better by the time you’re done.

  1. Elon Musk (by Ashlee Vance)

The biography of the eccentric entrepreneur behind PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity. I haven’t read many biographies before. But he has been a hot topic recently so I gave it a try. But it was worth it. This one is a bundle pack of biography, inspiration, self-help, and the future of technology.

The End!

Do yourself a favor and give yourself some time to read these books.

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