Best ways to make money in Black Desert Online


Black Desert Online is an MMORPG where players can indulge in various tasks, including combating, housing, farming, fishing, trading, castle battles, and siege events. To carry out different tasks in the game, players will need to have a considerable amount of money at their disposal. Hence, here are the best ways in Black Desert Online to make money quickly.


Start cooking food from scratch and sell it for profit. There are a plethora of dishes available to cook in the game. The higher the rarity of the dish, the more profit it can generate. Some of the dishes that are easy to cook and have a decent profit margin include Pickled Vegetables and Lean Meat Salad


Gathering is a life skill that can net you decent money in the game. You can gather resources such as Wolf meat, Caphras and Dust, which can be sold for profit. You can also use these resources for cooking or crafting, generating a higher rarity resource. That said, this is geared more towards beginners as it doesn’t yield a big chunk of money.


Bartering requires minimal effort and can be done by leaving the game on auto. You just need to use a sailboat and carry goods from one port to another for bartering. This is not a quick fix for money, but it adds up over time, generating decent passive income.


Much like Bartering, Fishing is a low effort work that can yield decent money. It is a beginner-friendly method since you don’t need any special equipment and can start with a basic fishing rod. Once you have the rod, give it to any character and leave it for auto-fishing. You can now focus on other tasks, but make sure to check occasionally if your character has pulled anything significant.

Horse Training

The general approach with this strategy is to catch horses, train them, and finally sell them for huge money. One of the best places to catch horses in the game is Duvencrune, as you get many tiers 4 and 5 horses here. Once you catch a few, attach them to your wagon and leave the wagon on auto so that horses can get passive experience. Train the horses until level 15, after which you can exchange them for Imperial Seals. Finally, you can then exchange these seals for Black Magic Crystals that can be sold for a hefty price.


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