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BEFITNUTRITION.IN. HELLO guys this is fatima from Befit… | by Fatima Shaikh | Sep, 2021

September 22, 2021


Fatima Shaikh

HELLO guys this is fatima from Befit nutrition team I’m here to share my journey of weight loss slowly and effectively what I have done is the safest easiest way to reduce the weight

There is a routine for weight loss that you have to follow all the time don’t worry I’m not suggesting you any diet plan to follow. actually, diets are the enemy of weight loss It works for less than 10% of people according to Paul McKenna so you have to follow certain rules to get a healthy body

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let’s get started!!

Avoid emotional eating: when you are emotional or else you are thinking about your past life problem you start eating more you have to avoid this mistake at this time you are consuming more calories when it’s not required in the body after somedays it will get converted into fat and you start gaining weight it’s an important point we never think of this

dont starve yor self: a lot of people think that losing weight is all about having certain foods and not others or portion control you see all your decisions about what you eat when you eat and how much you eat take place in the mind so i want to share with you some ways to program your mind to slim your body to change your behaviors in the way you think about food so that you transform your relationship with food forever here are the four golden rules of weight loss if you follow these you’ll not only be able to lose weight but maintain a healthy weight as well number one when you’re hungry go and eat you see if you starve yourself your body thinks there’s a famine on so it gets good at storing fat plus if you starve yourself you will binge also i should point out that real physical hunger is different to emotional hunger physical hunger comes on gradually oh i feel a bit peckish maybe i’ll have something for lunch a bit later emotional hunger is sudden you feel upset or maybe bored and you want to change your feelings with food so when you feel genuinely hungry

what you should eat: go and eat rule number two eat what you want not what you think you should one of the things that I’ve noticed about all naturally thin people is they eat chocolate cheese pizza chips all the forbidden foods but they don’t eat them to excess far too many people these days go on diets and they eat food that they don’t like and they feel like they’re missing out because as soon as you make a food forbidden it becomes all you can think about so eat what you want not what you think you should

magic trick: number three this is the most important rule of them all whenever you eat anything eat it consciously mindfully one of the things i’ve noticed about people that are overweight is they think about food all day long except when they’re actually eating it and then they shovel the food in as fast as they can now research study after research study has shown that when we eat slowly mindfully and consciously we eat less so in future when you eat cut the food put it into your mouth put the knife and fork down and chew the food slowly about 20 times savor it like a gourmet if you’re eating a sandwich prize your fingers off the sandwich and put it down as you slowly eat your food chewing it 20 times and also being conscious when you’re eating conscious of your food means free from distractions again the scientific research shows that if you watch tv while you’re eating your food you’ll eat more if you listen to the radio or if you’re online or reading a magazine whilst you’re eating you will eat more so focus on the food and nothing else

when to stop: rule number four when you think you’re full stop now some people say well Why would I not stop yes if you’re shoveling the food really really fast you can’t tell that you’re satiated that you’re full and so you eat past that signal until you feel bloated when you eat slowly and consciously when you think you’re full you can stop because if you’re hungry a bit later you can go back to rule number one which is when you’re genuinely hungry go eat right now we’re going to do the craving buster technique if there’s a food that you’re out of control around I’m going to show you how to knock out that craving in moments so I’d like you to think about whatever food it is that you feel out of control around maybe it’s chocolate or cheese or cakes or bread or something like that

advice: keep moving all day it’s my personal opinion through which I lost many kgs by moving body all the day you will burn your excess calories every time so that all the day keep walking moving doing something or other

Stay happy and healthy always

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