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Baby black foxes found in the back of my garden

November 28, 2021


On a usual summer’s day, I heard my dog barking as loud as ever in the garden. I was curious as to Why she was doing this, so I ventured out and at the side of the garden shed, and I noticed movements.

At first, I thought they were puppies but that couldn’t be right so I took a closer look and realise it was a group of baby foxes huddled together. They were black foxes! They were so small and adorable, I wished I could keep them. My dad suggested we call the RSPCA but my mum and I refused and we all came to the conclusion that we should let nature do its thing and wait for the parents of the cubs to come and collect them. The following day, when we went to check up on the foxes, they weren’t there. I don’t know for sure what happened to them… it looks as though they may have been relocated by their parents.


Black foxes are very rare in the UK, there are only a few of the breed left- 0.1%. Foxes don’t usually have a fixed place where they sleep, but it’s usually in their dens or out in the open. Foxes are omnivores which means they eat both animals and plants. The parent foxes may have left their cubs in a closed and dark area to keep them safe while they were on the hunt for a place to sleep or to find food.


If you see any foxes or wild animals in your garden, it is important you call an adult and make sure you don’t go near the animal. If the animal is causing harm, you should immediately call the RSPCA.

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