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A near tragic accident in Zimbabwe led to the discovery of African Lean Belly after Sharon met a Shaman who introduced this miraculous weight loss product. For seven years before this incident, Sharon’s body totally changed for the worst despite trying to eat healthy, exercise and do all her trainer instructed her to do.

Find out more about Sharon’s accident that led to the development of the best weight loss supplement.

Sharon and her husband decided to take a trip to Africa, and specifically the Zambezi river to try rafting. Unfortunately, while rafting at the river, their boat capsized and left Sharon almost losing her life when the strong currents overpowered her. Luckily, she survived when she was rescued by people along the river and that’s when she met the elderly Shaman while being treated in a local village in Zimbabwe.

During the treatment, Sharon was introduced to a something that looked like red grapes filled with juice and grind them with some stems. After just an hour, Sharon felt a huge difference by feeling more energetic and by the next day the swelling and bruising had considerably gone away. She also noticed that her waist had grown a little smaller.

By the time Sharon was getting home she had lost a cool 17 pounds after taking the special grounded mixture given by the Shaman. She decided to find out how she could get more of this ingredient which was only referred to as “Namunungwa” by the Shaman’s assistant in Zimbabwe. So Sharon went to her doctor to discuss this life-changing product from Africa.

Scientists have found out that some belly fat cells are even alive to an extent of controlling your life and has often been called the “silent killer”. The “silent killer” loves to feed on Omega 6 fatty acids and that’s why it’s important for all people trying to lose weight to watch their intake of this fatty acids. The doctor also did some research with his colleagues and found out that Namunungwa is an African plant, which is said to be working miracles in getting rid of the “silent killer”.

That’s when they teamed up and decided to go back to Africa and collect these ingredients and develop a weight loss supplement to help millions of people struggling with over-weight issues. African Lean Belly was born and today tens of thousands of people from around the world are testifying the miraculous benefits of African Lean Belly.

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