A plague on both house and garden | Letters


I would like to assure James Vickers (Letters, 6 September) that the daddy longlegs population is thriving here on the Isle of Wight. So far this week, my dog has chased and eaten five of them.
Helen Keats
Shorwell, Isle of Wight

There may be a dearth of daddy longlegs in Yorkshire, but there is a plague of them in our house and garden in Dumfriesshire.
Elizabeth Carruthers
Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire

Funny how Tory MPs are in revolt about plans to ditch manifesto commitments not to raise taxes and to protect the pension triple lock (Report, 7 September). These principled representatives, with a few honourable exceptions, raised not a murmur about the abandonment of the commitment to international aid funding.
Peter Lock

It’s not often that a truly memorable programme has a catchy theme tune (Letters, 3 September). However, I can still hum the theme tune to Dixon of Dock Green and remember at least eight episodes line by line. My favourite is the one that starts with the words, “There’s nothing worse than a bent copper!” Unforgettable.
Jane Jones
Chester, Cheshire

Re weather forecasts (Letters, 5 September), I visited the Lake District once and asked a local if it ever stopped raining there. She replied: “I don’t know, I’m only 13.”
Ian Garner
Keighley, West Yorkshire

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