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90 Day Fiancé’s Emily’s Best Makeup Looks After Weight Loss

September 24, 2022


90 Day Fiancé cast member Emily Bieberly has been wowing fans with her glamorous makeup looks since her dramatic weight loss makeover. The 31-year-old Kansas resident Emily found love in China during a very adventurous summer, when she met Kobe Blaise, 36, while partying. Cameroon man Kobe and Emily had a no-strings-attached night out, which soon developed into a full-blown relationship. Within weeks, Emily became pregnant, but the two soon had to head back to their home countries.


For two years, visa delays and the pandemic stopped Kobe from being with Emily and his baby son, Koban. However, upon seeing his fiancee for the first time in ages, he chose to mention that she’d gained weight. It was one of the first times that fans called out Kobe for his behavior on the show. As the weeks passed, Emily’s entitled and stubborn personality made her the villain of their story. Emily and Kobe were dependent on her parents for housing and money, and her dad’s only request was that she not get pregnant, but she did. Emily and Kobe hid the fact that she was expecting at their wedding.

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A few days after they got married, they finally spilled the secret. When fans saw Emily and Kobe again during the Tell-All, she looked very different. Emily had lost all her baby weight, after giving birth to her daughter, Scarlet. She also spoke about how she dropped the pounds, telling cameras that a company in California put her placenta in capsules. Emily believes that taking the capsules helped her to lose all the weight that she’d gained during pregnancy, within two weeks of giving birth. It also made 90 Day Fiancé star Emily feel less anxious.

90DF’s Emily’s Day Out With Kobe & David

Emily’s confidence after losing weight has skyrocketed, and it shows on her Instagram. In August, Emily attended a football game with Kobe and her dad. “This night was a good one,” she wrote in the caption for her video. Emily dressed casually, covering her black maxi dress with a loose white button-down shirt. She styled the outfit with large hoop earrings. Emily wore her hair down, with her curls cascading over her shoulders. What made Emily’s entire look glamorous was her makeup, including a flattering watermelon pink lipstick, thick eyeliner, and bright, flushed cheeks.

90DF’s Emily Begins Her Year On A Glam Note

The popular but rather controversial 90 Day Fiancé celeb Emily was 29 years old when she started filming for 90 Day Fiancé season 9. A week ago, on September 11, Emily turned 31. The pretty Virgo posed for a birthday pic with her husband, Kobe, and had a big smile on her face. Her partner kept things tropical with a printed shirt, baseball cap, and white trousers. It seems like Emily color-coordinated her outfit with Kobe’s, by wearing a flowing, floor-length dress. Emily also straightened her hair, which made her look different than she did on TLC. For her makeup, Emily again went for her signature color, pink. Fuchsia lips and shimmery eye makeup made 90 Day Fiance‘s Emily look like a glam “birthday girl.”

90DF’s Mommy & Baby Diaries With Emily

Followers often ask Emily what keeps her motivated on her fitness journey. She is honest about how she has her ups and downs, and sometimes loses less weight than she wants to. “Stay consistent and focus,Emily tells her fans, who watch her go to the gym at dawn, before her kids wake up, and her stay-at-home mom duties begin for the day. While she’s an amazing mom to little Koban and Scarlet, Emily steals some moments for herself and her fans. For example, in this video, the 90 Day Fiancé star revealed her before and after makeup look. Fresh out of a bath with her daughter, reality TV celeb Emily stood with her hair wrapped in a towel. Then, there was a transition that revealed her nude makeup look, along with Emily jokingly saying, “At least one of us got ready today.

Sources: Emily Bieberly/Instagram, Emily Bieberly/Instagram

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