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7 budget-friendly DIY baby shower ideas


Planning the perfect baby shower doesn’t have to be expensive! With a little bit of creativity, and some guidance from the talented baby shower planners of TikTok, you can plan a beautiful baby shower on a budget.

 From decor to food to party favors, TikTokers have come up with a variety of budget-friendly DIY baby shower projects that are sure to impress even the pickiest parent-to-be. Here are 7 budget-friendly DIY baby shower ideas. 

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1. DIY Flower Wall

You can build a beautiful DIY flower wall by filling a piece of pegboard with artificial flowers! Just trim the stems on some artificial flowers so they’re a few inches long and push them through the holes in a piece of pegboard. Once the pegboard is covered in flowers, it’s photo time!

2. Dollar Store DIY Teddy Bear

This Dollar Store teddy bear is so adorable! To make it, the filmer glues together foam balls into the shape of a teddy bear, then decorates it with smaller, glittery blue and silver foam balls. To give the teddy bear a little extra flair, they even fill a baby bottle with more sparkly foam balls and place it in the teddy bear’s hand. 

3. Elephant Centerpiece

Making an adorable baby shower centerpiece doesn’t need to be difficult! To make this elephant centerpiece, the filmer simply attaches a wooden hoop to a wooden base, then decorates it with a cut-out image of an elephant and a handful of flowers

4. Marshmallow Baby Bottle Kebabs

These marshmallow baby bottle kebabs look sweet and taste even sweeter! To make them, the filmer places two marshmallows on a wooden skewer, then tops them with half a marshmallow coated in blue sprinkles. Then, using an edible marker, they draw lines on the marshmallow that look like the measurement lines on a typical baby bottle. 

Take your at-home happy hour up a level with these items:

5. Pretzel Pacifier Snacks

All you need to make these cute pacifier snacks are a bag of pretzels, some chocolates, and M&Ms. To make each one, the filmer places two pretzels side by side, tops them with a piece of chocolate, and then tops the chocolate with an M&M.

6. Lip Balm Party Favors

Transform lip balm into a creative party favor with a few simple paper cutouts! To make their party favors, the filmer places lip balm containers into paper cutouts of pregnant people and pacifiers. The lip balm serves as the “belly” of the pregnant people cutouts and as the center of the pacifiers. 

7. Mini Personalized Candle Favors

Instead of purchasing custom candles for the baby shower you’re planning, Why not save some money and make your own? Simply purchase some candles and use rubbing alcohol to remove the labels. Then, add your own custom labels with the name of the parent-to-be!

Tiny kitchen? No problem. These are the best ways to maximize your small space:

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