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6 Indicators You Are a Spiritual Bypasser: If you don’t stop you will NEVER transform | by Damian Clark | Dec, 2021


“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views of them.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

· Yoga class. I could do handstand longer than others.

·Sanskrit. I knew the Sanskrit names of the yoga poses and others didn’t.

·India. I had traveled to India and other people on the spiritual path had not.

· Chanting. My pronunciations when chanting was much better than others.

But really the issue wasn’t them, it wasn’t any of them. It was someone else that I haven’t even considered, it was me. I was a ‘spiritual by passer’.

Because this enables you to be able to progress to the next step.

If you skip the preparation work then each subsequent step will not be possible.

It’s like wanting to go to Texas and you are in New York. But you think of yourself in California. Following the direction from California to Texas will not get you to Texas. You only progress to Texas if you follow the directions from New York.

When you use spiritual ideologies and concepts to avoid your psychological problems. For example, blaming another person as to Why you didn’t get that promotion at work.

If you are a typical spiritual passer, you will jump straight to the higher spiritual practices. For example, you will start your spiritual journey with: headstand, studying the Upanishads and practicing meditation.

To be able to attend university you first have to study at high school. Teal Swan, sums it up below:

The main text in Yoga is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, consisting of 8 sequential steps. What you know as yoga is the physical postures, that is 3rd step (not starting point.) What has happened (and what Krisnamarachya warned Mr. Iyengar about) you have skipped the Yamas (step 1) and Niyamas (step 2.) Similarly in Buddhism, you start bypassing the 5 precepts and jump straight to meditation.

Reactions: Are you getting angry over seemly small incidents, such as you flying into a rage when someone cuts you off in the car?

Judgment of others. You have judgmental thoughts regarding others being lower on the spiritual journey than yourself. That is you think you know better than others. You think yourself to be spiritually superior.

Habitual negative patterns. Are you continuing to attract negative and destructive people in your life?

Unbalanced view of events. Are you overly negative or positive?

Disconnected from your feelings. Are your feelings so suppressed that you believe this is more an expression of you being “detached”?

Denial. Ignoring the reality of a situation to avoid anxiety.

Imposter Syndrome. Experience of thinking that you are not as competent as others believe you to be.

The trauma you experience in your infant years (0–5 years old) goes a long way to shaping the rest of your life. Find a therapist that can assist in processing this trauma (those therapies that are particularly helpful are: Primal Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and EMDR.)

Admit to yourself that you do have a problem.

“And the truth shall set you free.”

— John 8:32.

By remaining in the present moment (Mindfulness) you will become aware of those ineffective patterns and behaviors that will allow you to progress spiritually bypass.

You would lead a much fuller life and authentic life.

Relating to others: Letting go of spiritual bypassing allows one to be more honest and in turn more vulnerable. By being more vulnerable people will be able to relate to you on that level. What you saw as a weakness before is now a strength, as it attracts others and stops your judgment of others.

Progress: when you try to move from a place where you are not it simply doesn’t work.

Start at the Start: If choose to follow a path, such as Yoga or Buddhism start with character development such as developing higher values. See the following clip from Swami Dayananda on this topic.

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