5km and 10km from home radius map: check how far you can travel and where your Sydney or Melbourne bubbles overlap | Australia news


Want to know what’s within the 5km or 10km travel limit around you? Use our interactive radius map and calculator to see how far from home you can and can’t go under NSW and Victoria lockdown restrictions.

This tool also allows for adding a second circle, to see the travel bubble overlap where you and another person are able to exercise together under the applicable restrictions.

In NSW if you’re not vaccinated you can exercise with one other person, or if you’re vaccinated you might be eligible to engage in ‘outdoor recreation’ with other people under the “picnic rules” in NSW from 13 September onwards. The 5km rule only applies in certain situations depending on if you’re in an ‘LGA of concern’ or not, and if you’re otherwise traveling outside your home LGA, so it’s best to check which rules apply to you here.

There are similar restrictions in Victoria, which currently allow you to exercise with one other person provided you both do not travel further than 5km from home.


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