5 reason to pivot into AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining… | by Animate Intelligence | Sep, 2022


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining traction. Companies are accelerating plans to implement AI. Machine Learning (ML) applications are the distinctive parts of most successful products and services. The brightest minds are choosing to work into AI. These bright minds are keen to apply the technology to do good for the environment and society.

1. Momentum

The momentum of AI can be reflected into a 2×2 matrix. With the horizontal axes as long/ short time lines and the vertical axes as slow/ fast take-off. Although predictions remain guesses, many innovations were announced in the last months. Indicating that AI is getting traction and that we are moving into the short time lines/ fast take-off quadrant. Examples of recent announcements are the Codex and GTP-3 models of OpenAI and chip innovations by NVIDIA and Google with the special build Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). AI algorithms are also the distinctive factor for social media apps and business software. The expectation is that we will see an exponential AI growth curve in the coming period.

2. Investments

The investments in AI are record breaking. Investments by venture capitalist (VC), (professional) investors, corporates but also by countries. The US and China are both investing heavily into AI, striving to take the lead. These investments results into a multi trillion industry with huge growth foreseen. Although there are many discussions about how AI will impact the future of work, we do see a huge demand for expertise. Especially as we are not yet near to artificial general intelligence (AGI). In other words, there is not yet one solution which fits all needs (i.e. AGI), tailor made solutions are required.

3. Experience

AI is often considered as highly complex. This is due to the multi-disciplinary, technical and mathematical knowledge required to understand all aspects of AI. Although deep expertise is required for some, it is no longer required for most AI roles. These days there is a shift towards specialist fields like ethics and natural language processing (NLP) and the application of off the shelf solutions available via ready to use software or APIs. This provides you the opportunity to step into AI roles related to your current field of expertise and learn by doing.

4. Contacts

AI is not all about knowledge. The right contacts are crucial to your success. Not only to get opportunities but also to obtain insights into the latest developments and to learn. The AI field is broad with an astonishing speed of change and innovations. You have to learn and build on the expertise of your contacts to remain on top of the curve and to make impact. Building these contacts now will benefit your in the (near) feature.

5. Impact

AI to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges could provide the required solutions and acceleration. The world is facing inequality, climate change and biodiversity loss. AI provides solutions to make impact, such as accurately measuring emissions and reforestation. These solutions can achieve impact at scale, with actions like forming connections with investors, and public and private decision makers driving climate action on the ground.


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