5 In-demand Tasks on Airtasker that You Can Do From Home


Looking for ways to make some extra cash from home? Check out the most in-demand remote tasks on Airtasker and how much they pay.

COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns have had an impact on many people’s finances. Many Aussies have adapted and repurposed their skills to make an income during lockdown on sites such as Airtasker.

And it appears making money from home may become the new normal moving forward. “Gen Z are leading the charge in normalising remote and online work, with 70% either making money via online platforms like Airtasker (42%), or planning to in the future (28%),” according to research by Airtasker. “Increased flexibility (65%) and a drive to turn passion into profit (33%) are the main factors influencing Gen Z’s career choices.”

The fact that more and more people are moving from the big cities and buying in affordable regional locations within an hour or two of the city is also likely to contribute to this shift. “It’s interesting that Gen Z Aussies living outside capital cities are more likely to make money via online marketplaces (21% compared to 16%); evidencing the flexible economy’s potential to boost earning opportunities for regional Australians, through remote and online work,” said a spokesperson for Airtasker.

Top 5 in-demand remote tasks

So what are some of your options for making money from home? Canstar asked Airtasker data to share the most in-demand remote and contactless jobs across its platform in July and August and the average task price. Here is what Airtasker had to say about the tasks and who they may suit.

Average earnings per task: $107

For those with a creative flair and a way with words, who know their way around a keyboard or are known for their effortlessly witty Instagram captions, copywriting might just be their calling.  Over $280,000 worth of copywriting tasks were posted last month from advertising copy to blog writing and even script writing.

Graphic design
Average earnings per task: $160

Those with an eye for detail and a passion for design, who know their way around digital software such as Adobe Creative Suite are in high demand on Airtasker, with over $380,000 worth of graphic design tasks posted last month.

Website/app development
Average earnings per task: $232

With so many entrepreneurial Aussies starting up their own businesses, passion projects or taking their existing businesses online in order to operate remotely, those who can build and maintain websites, apps, and software have a crucial role to play. If you have skills in coding and programming, you can support fellow Aussies on Airtasker with everything from static web pages to social media platforms and apps.

Financial/business/legal advice
Average earnings per task: $158

With COVID-19 having impacted so many Aussies financially and employment-wise, advice on finances, business development and legal issues is in high demand. If you are a qualified financial adviser, business coach or a legal professional, you can make money supporting struggling Australians on Airtasker.

Marketing/social media support
Average earnings per task: $133

Requests for social media support rose 45% in March 2020, with many Aussie businesses realising the potential of digital and social media marketing to keep their businesses running remotely during lockdown. Demand has stayed strong across the category, so if you have experience in building a strong online or social presence for a business or brand or personal account, why not put your Instagram, TikTok or Facebook savvy to good use to support local Aussie businesses?

Other popular tasks that can be done remotely include data entry, general business and admin, IT support and photo/video editing.

Veronca Airtasker
Veronica has been an Airtasker since July 2020 and does anywhere from three to 15 tasks a month. Image source: Bridget Patterson

Tips from an Airtasker

Veronica works full-time as a graduate primary school teacher and Instagram model/influencer. She first joined Airtasker in July 2020 to earn some extra money during COVID-19 and has since used the platform as a regular side hustle/secondary income source. “It gave me the flexibility to work when I want and on what I want, as well as the ability to develop my current skills further,” explained Veronica.

When deciding what services to offer Veronica said she focused on her strengths. “I am a strong writer and family and friends always ask me to help with resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria – anything that needs to sound professional. I am also a teacher so that helps,” she told Canstar. Veronica has used those skills to help create resumes, cover letters and even contributed to the editing of a children’s book.

And it appears there’s plenty of demand out there for her services. She ends up completing anything from three to 15 tasks a month, depending on the time of year. “During school holidays I have a little more availability. I love the flexibility of being able to work as much or as little as I want depending on how busy I am,” Veronica said.

To stand out from the competition, Veronica said it’s important that you are seen as a real person and not a robot. “Having a short, non-generic and personalised offer response usually helps,” she suggested. “Additionally, ensuring your profile is up-to-date, with a picture of you and a detailed bio is the best way to build trust.”

To decide what to charge Veronica said that she has a look at what customers are willing to pay for it and works around that.

Veronica’s tip for anyone thinking of joining the platform is to just do it. “You have nothing to lose, and you need to start somewhere,” she said. “Enjoy the flexibility of picking and choosing what you want to do.” Veronica also recommended that you “focus on what you’re good at, or what you’re passionate about, and sell it”.

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