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4 steps to lose weight fast, at home. | by Christian Teguia | Sep, 2021

September 12, 2021


Christian Teguia

4 Steps To Lose Weight

1) Exercise

If you want to lose weight then exercising is inescapable. The act of high intensity, physical movement to burn excess fat has always been around and always will be. The more active we are the more we train our body to boost our endurance and muscle strength in turn burning fat. Exercise improves our cardiovascular system helping it deliver oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and it improves the health of our lungs and heart. I would recommend starting with easier exercises and most important of all keep it fun which will increase the consistency of your working out routine. If you dread working out it is a clear sign that you must change your workout style. One of the most effective forms of exercise to burn fat is HIIT (High intensity interval training), There are many HIIT workouts on the internet and HIIT is very beneficial as it can be done from as little as twice a week and can be done at home. This means you don’t have to spend hours at the gym and don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home but still experience incredible results.

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2) Diet

As well as exercise maintaining a healthy diet is vital, the fuel we put in our body determines the results we get from our workout. You can’t just eat junk food packed with sugar and fat and expect to lose weight. This is not saying we can’t have a treat sometimes but we just have to make sure it is in moderation; presides we can’t completely take away our favourite foods and expect not to crave it, that is just unrealistic and an easy pathway to failure. In my opinion, I think it is best to try different diets and find the best one for you as everyone is different. Also, healthy food does not mean tasteless and disgusting food, delicious food can also be packed with nutrients, proteins and energy and there are many recipes waiting for you online.

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3) Supplements

Although supplements may be seen as unnecessary and a waste of money there is no denying the beneficial effects, they can have on us such as increased energy, metabolism and muscle growth. A simple supplement can change a meal from being alright to amazing for our health but they must not be a replacement for a proper meal. If you can accompany a good diet with some good supplements then you can guarantee some result. Contrary to many beliefs’ supplements are not a scam you just need to get the right ones and they are very good because they are packed with nutrients good for our body in extremely tiny portions and doses.

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4) Rest

It is important we achieve good rest as it is important for our bodies to recover, function and grow. A great majority of our bodies change happens whilst we are sleeping. Sleep helps us to re-energize and gets us ready to prosper throughout our day so we must make sure we are resting. Things like massages can relax our muscles so we can do another exercise routine and it also make us more mentally calm and ready.

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