3 best apps productivity apps for Internet entrepreneurs especially during a pandemic | by Reignmark Digital | Oct, 2021


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In the United States alone, over 57 million people have turned to freelance as their way of earning an income. This is little compared to the 1.1 billion freelancers working hard by themselves to create income all around the world. Even though it’s well-known that 90% of businesses do fail and that not all freelancers start online (although most do) what this means anyway is more competition in the world of making money online. What should be obvious by now is that you are no longer in an exclusive business.

The next question the smart online entrepreneur should be asking is how do I stand out? How do I still make and keep that profit margin? This has everything to do with Internet business productivity.

Productivity is using your resources (Time and money) efficiently in such a way that you make and keep a profit. There are many tools useful for marketing, time management, business automation, CRM, and other aspects of running a successful business online.

Why you should use productivity tools

Most people who try to make money online do it to save time, reduce stress and increase their income. In most cases, they thought it would be quite easy to make this happen. Fast forward a few months later and they find they are spending more time and ‘passive income’ seems more like a myth, they are experiencing burn out and their earnings are nothing like they dreamt of.

If you need to spend less time and energy trying to earn a few bucks online you need to use productivity tools because they come with benefits which include;

· Reduced stress- You can spend more time with friends, family, personal goals and building your entrepreneurial skills.

· Business approach- Market orientation is very useful in building a successful online business. With market orientation, you focus on giving your prospective customers what they want instead of just offering what you can. This is important because your skill set may not be suitable to meet your customer’s needs. This is where tools come in.

· Business direction- Pushing your business in the right direction requires taking the time to do some analytics, growth planning, and strategic thinking. Using tools would help you do just that.

If you are an internet entrepreneur, there are three productivity apps you would almost always need.

1. Fiverr

If you need to make something happen in 24 hours this app would help you get it done. There are a lot of services you can buy here ranging from graphics design to marketing services. What makes Fiverr so great is the wide range of services, their affordability, and the several offers available there. You should find highly successful freelancers on the platform which you can engage to do several tasks for you.


· Work with freelancers that have many reviews, the more the merrier.

· Freelancers with higher levels are more experienced but a little more expensive. The lower-level freelancers don’t necessarily have less experience in most cases, they joined the platform later. This hint should help you choose.

· To work with lower-level freelancers, Look out for markers like number of saves, orders in the queue (the more the better), and last delivery date (the later the better)

2. Canva

If you have little or no sense of design and you don’t have the money to pay for expensive graphics designers, you should check out Canva. Canva is the quickest way to design anything from social media posts to YouTube thumbnails. You don’t have to bother about sizing and dimensions and there are countless templates to get you started.


· Do some research on Typography and color mix. Understanding these would help you design great stuff fast.

· The paid plan gives you more templates and is quite affordable.

3. Medium

Medium with its close to 100 million active users is a community of brilliant minds and active business and professional peers. Getting your ideas out on medium could do wonders for your business by getting clients with buying power and a keen interest in what you have to say (If you say it well). Creating an account is free but you get access to more quality content and can create yours if you use the paid version which I recommend.


· If you are creating a blog on medium, it’s a good idea to get your first followers by promoting it on social media. The rest can follow organically.

· You should note that content published on this platform can be used by the medium. They have some rights to your content based on the medium policy.

CONCLUSION: Although there are countless productivity tools out there, these few could help you save time, reduce costs and avoid burnout while running a profitable online business.


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