20 tips when you’re walking for weight loss | by Waystofatloss | Feb, 2022

In human history, walking for weight loss wasn’t a concept that crossed Homo sapiens’ perceptions. Walking and running were only transportation methods; the only means of getting from one place to another.
By understanding the tips below, you’ll learn how walking to lose weight is a low-impact way to reach your body goals.

The only “material” necessary for walking are shoes and possibilities are you have a pair suitable for the job already. “Walking shoes” have elastic soles and firm heel counters to restrict side-to-side motion. Standard smooth surfaces only need low-heeled shoes that are soft, cushioned, and light in weight.
Devise a great walking playlist. Before you even consider tying up your sneakers, think of the songs you want to listen to as you make walks towards a fitter you. Having an excellent soundtrack to your walk will urge you to push harder and… Read more..

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