13 DIY Halloween costume ideas using things you have at home


The only thing more frightening than running out of candy on Halloween is realizing your kid still doesn’t have a costume.

In years past you could stroll up to a party store and easily throw together a last-minute Halloween look for your kids, but this year is different. With many store shelves empty and costume shortages being reported, the 2021 spooky season has become downright scary.

Whether your little monsters are still trying to decide what they want to be for Halloween or they’re likely to change their minds at the last minute, here are 13 DIY costumes you can make from items you probably already have at home.

1. Jellyfish

Courtesy Amanda Mushro

This jellyfish is going to be a hit at the Halloween party. Start with an umbrella and a sweat suit. Make the jelly’s eyes out of construction paper and its tendrils from ribbon. For the finishing touch, attach battery powered lights inside the umbrella to make your jellyfish glow.

2. Pop It fidget

Courtesy Agnes Hsu

Fidget fans will love this one. Start with a large cardboard box and paint stripes with craft paint. Using hot glue, attach small plastic balls — think ball-pit-sized balls — or small balloons onto the box. For more detailed instructions, check out Hello Wonderful’s tutorial.

3. S’more

Courtesy Lauren Reed

Instead of graham crackers and chocolate, you’ll need cardboard for this s’more. Cut a large piece for the cracker and a smaller piece that’s painted brown for the chocolate. Glue the two pieces together, cut a hole in the center, and use ribbon to create suspenders. A white shirt and tutu becomes the marshmallow. Attach a small piece of cardboard to a headband and make the lines of the graham cracker with brown marker.

4. Cow

Courtesy Laney Morelle

Make this adorable cow costume by painting black spots on white pajamas and pair it with a red bandana or a white hat. Attach pacifiers to the belly for utterly cute udders.

5. Scuba diver

Courtesy Amanda Mushro

The scuba diver’s air tank is made from plastic bottles, paint and black tubing. A black sweat suit becomes a wetsuit and strips of duct tape add pops of color to the costume. Make the fins from felt, and add a pair of goggles to finish the look.

6. Bubble bath

Courtesy Amanda Mushro

To make the tub, use a plastic container or cardboard box and cut out the bottom. Make suspenders out of ribbon and create bubbles with small clear and white balloons. Don’t forget the rubber duckie.

7. Ghost

Courtesy Lara Fernandes

Give this classic costume a fun and creative upgrade by attaching the sheet to an umbrella.

8. Miss Universe

Courtesy Allison Korompis

Grab a party dress and attach pictures of planets, stars and constellations. Finish with a crown, a bouquet of flowers and a sash made from an old T-shirt.

9. Mario and Luigi

Courtesy Erin Williamson

Create this dynamic duo with red and green T-shirts, matching hats, white felt and a hot glue gun.

10. Bank robbers

Courtesy Jenna Davidson

The whole family can get in on this look with black pants, black and white striped shirts, and masks made out of felt. You can DIY the striped shirts by painting black lines on white shirts.

11. Georgie from “It”

Courtesy Susan Murphy

Pull off this spooky costume with a yellow raincoat, red balloon and a serious face.

12. Mummy

Courtesy Amanda Mushro

Start with an inside-out gray or white sweat suit and rip up strips of white T-shirts or bed sheets. Using glue, attach the strips of material to the sweat suit. The best part of this costume is the messier you get, the better.

13. Deer

Courtesy Shannon Thomas

A brown leotard and craft paint can become a darling deer. Use a headband, flowers and felt to create the deer’s antlers and cotton to make a fluffy tail.



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