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If you have reached this post, it is because you are looking for alternative ways to earn money. You have heard that there are people who have managed to earn money online, but you do not know very well what methods to use, or how you should start.

For this reason, I wanted to write this post where I will explain 10 ways to earn money online from home.

Can you really make money online?

This is the dream of many people: Earn money from home.

Being able to manage your work time, without having to get up early to drive to work, or having to put up with the bad mood of your manager.

With a single computer that has an Internet connection, you could create your own online business that generates a monthly income. No need for a boss or manager, no, you are your own boss.

This is not just a dream. Being able to earn money with an online business has become a reality for thousands of people, who thanks to the opportunities that the Internet offers us, have managed to make their dream come true.

But watch out! Don’t believe the hundreds of lies on the Internet from certain Internet “gurus”, who claim that you can get rich in a matter of weeks, and almost without doing anything. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

To earn money on the Internet you have to work hard and above all have a lot of perseverance. Things don’t happen overnight.

How can I do it?

Next, I am going to list real methods to make easy money, or perhaps not so easy…

As it is a fairly extensive list, I am not going to develop each method in-depth, but I will share with you some methods, tips or websites that can help you develop the method you choose.

Adsense is the most popular platform on the Internet for PPC advertising.

Once you sign up for Adsense and they accept your application, you can place multiple Adsense ad units on your website or blog, and Adsense will display ads related to the theme of your blog, or related to searches visitors have made in the past.

PPC means pay per click, that is, every time one of your readers clicks on one of the ads, you will receive a small amount in your Adsense account, which varies depending on the category of the ad.

If at the end of the month your account has exceeded €70 or $100, Adsense will deposit it into the bank account you provide the following month.

To make money with Adsense, the ideal is to create blogs that focus on keywords that are in high demand and have little competition.

It is also advised to focus on micro-niches. More specific niches with less demand, but also with less competition to position themselves, and in which you have a high CPC (cost per click).

To search for these keywords you can use the Google Adwords tool, which is a free tool, or Ahrefs, a much more complete tool.

It is advised to get yourself comfortable with building a website, SEO, and everything that comes with it, as it can be hard to generate enough traffic to your site to make a good living from Google Adsense.

This is one of my favorite methods, because you have much more control over the product that you recommend to your readers. For example, I am a big fan of Fiverr, as this is the number one way for me to make money as a freelancer.

That is why I recommend anybody to try Fiverr as well. But Fiverr is not just great for freelancers. As a business owner, I have used the platform regularly as well, for example when I needed my business cards, a design for my ads, my website design, and I even hired people to do SEO for me.

An affiliate program is a platform where you can register as an affiliate. After you successfully signed up you will be able to promote their products using a unique link.

You can use the link on your blog, website, and sometimes even on social media to recommend that product, and every time someone clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the product seller’s website.

If that customer ends up buying the product, the affiliate platform knows that you have obtained that customer, and applies a commission for that sale.

Obtaining the sale of a product is not as easy as the user just clicking on the ad, so the sales commissions are much higher than what is earned with CPC, and can be up to 75%.

Again, if you don’t know how to start your own blog to earn money with affiliate programs, you can hire somebody on Fiverr to build a blog for you, or create banners for your affiliate product.

Thanks to the Internet, it has become much easier to be able to write your own books and earn money selling them. Since you do not need to make a large investment for a publisher to publish it for you.

Anyone can write a ebook.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to get started either. Simply tell something that can contribute to your readers and that they may find entertaining or useful.

You can write your book and publish it in digital format on platforms like Amazon. (A percentage of the price from the eBook is for Amazon).

A trick so that your eBook appears among the most downloaded books and more Amazon users can find it, is to choose the option where Amazon allows you to offer the Ebook for free during the first 5 days.

In this way, you will receive thousands of downloads and you will appear among the most downloaded of the week. Which increases your visibility and sales in the future.

In recent years, ecommerce has grown by leaps and bounds, reaching astronomical figures.

The possibility of having an online store is the chance of having a stable and lasting online business. No need for a brick-and-mortar store anymore.

You can create a store and sell your own products, or sell third-party products using the dropshipping technique, where you sell products but without having to stock them. When you make a sale, the supplier sends it directly to your customer as if you had been the one who had sent it.

The whole process of creating an online store, selecting the right market niche, and developing a marketing strategy is not an easy task. But with places like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify, selling online has become easier than ever.

Are you an expert in a certain subject? Do you have information to share that can help other people?

Create your own course, guides, or tutorials and then market them, either using a blog, on social networks, or even investing in online advertising using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

The Internet is the ideal medium to be able to spread your knowledge and earn money doing it.

There are also platforms where you can sell your own courses, like Skillshare or Udemy.

Most marketing experts will agree that email marketing is the most powerful tool for getting sales, but with the arrival of social media in recent years, it has been left a bit to the side.

It consists of creating databases with the emails of your clients and then sending emails from time to time, marketing your products or services.

To get your client’s email you can offer them something in return, like a free subscription to a weekly newsletter or a free eBook.

Whatever your profession, you can take advantage of the Internet to make yourself known and get new clients.

Whether you are a designer, SEO expert, financial advisor, plumber, bricklayer or air conditioning installer, the Internet is a source of clients that you cannot miss.

Create your own web page where you offer your services and invest in online advertising or use other means such as a blog or social networks to make yourself known.

Do you know English? Do you play a musical instrument? Are you a university student and want to teach different subjects to obtain an extra income?

Why limit your search for clients to the local area where you live?

Thanks to the Internet and tools like Skype or Zoom, you can give online classes to students in Australia, while you are sitting at your home computer in Valencia.

Online teachers are in high demand and making a living from it seems more realistic than many other professions.

This is a popular profession. A community manager is a person in charge of representing a company on social networks and maintaining the customer service of the said company on this network.

Being a community manager is not only about spending all day on Facebook, it involves much more.

Even so, if you like social networks, I recommend that you sign up for a community manager course and start offering your services.

Who knows if in a few months you will work from home being the community manager of 3 or 4 companies.

If you like to write and have knowledge about different topics, you can dedicate yourself to writing from home.

On the Internet, there are a ton of ways to sell your written content. A quick Google search will reveal a list of places where you can sell your articles or other written content.

Or try this blogpost by Rafal Reyzer on rafalreyzer.com: Top 250 Sites That Pay You To Write (Updated For 2022)

Many blogs offer the possibility to pay you for your content, prices range from 50,- dollars per article to 300,- or more.

This is a great way to start making money from home in a matter of days.

This method consists of creating blogs and developing them so that when they generate an income, you can put them up for sale on places such as flippa.com.

The sale value of a blog is the earnings that it produces monthly multiplied by 10 months or by 12 months, so if you manage to create a blog that generates €300 per month, you can sell it for around €3,000.

I have experience in this sector since I sold my first blog this way for €350 and the second for €700.

Making money online inst just a dream, but it’s also not that simple. You still have to put in the effort, time, and hard work among other things in order to succeed. Choose one method that suits you best and get started, don’t think about it too long.

Good luck!


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