11 DIY and ready-made terrariums plants to add to your home


There’s something about filling your home with plants that is utterly relaxing and appealing to the eyes. Perhaps it’s the feeling of the vast and wonderful outdoors in your own personal enclosed space that allows for nature and comfort to combine into one.

Whether it’s sprawling plants or cute potted shrubs, plants are a great addition to any home – and terrariums are the next best thing to take your plant decor to another level.

Terrariums are described as sealable containers, which are usually made of glass, and contain soil and plants inside. It can be opened for people to access the plants inside and generates natural moisture from the soil and evaporates from the leaves to create a magnificent mini-ecosystem for all to see.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, terrariums are definitely worth adding to your space – and these 11 will help you to your budding botanical paradise.


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